First experiences stay in the capsule hostel, Indonesia

hai, i will share to you about my first time stay in the capsule hostel. Stay in the capsule hotel more than cheap from hotel or homestay, when you must to pay for one room. In the capsule hostel you just pay for a bed. You will share room with other people, but which unique from the capsule hotel is we could meet random people and you can talk anything with them. It's so fun, you will be easy to find a new friend. I'm never had before stayed in the capsul hostel.
Don't think this place not good for you, i had imagine like that before. We share with other people which never know before. that's not comfartable.

in the evening i got notification from my samrtphone, when tommorow i had to goes to immigration office to make new passport. Because i just realized if the passport one of important i have. I was had bad experiences in the six month ago when i can't meet up with my friend from madrid in the Kuala lumpur. Because i didn't had a passport i can't flight to kuala lumpur.
i did't had many time to think again, i had goes to semarang at the moment. I take my bag inside my cloth, pant, document, and booked chepers hostel. i found the capsule hostel only IDR 70.000/ $5 / night. i'm take it and goes to garage to take my scooter and ride to the semarang city.

source : @thecapsulegajahmada

first impression i got, receptionist area very nice interior, many locker for to place the bag, i think like a semi industrial concept mix with mirror. a receptionist said hello to me, she asked to me about code booked, the rules, and took me to the my bed, but she dosen't sleep with me ( i hope she will :() 

my bed and the space is clean, lamp, simple table, over all very good. In the bottom bed for 2 person in the one area, and on the top bed for a person. because just me i got the bed on the floor. migh be i the recepcionist want to sleep on beside me i will change my plane in the bottom bed. hahaha i just kiding.

Totally bathroom is more than 6, and 5 wastafel all the spot very clean and good. Have 2nd mirror in the right and in the left of the wall.

i did't to wrote so long for you, i will show you the picture of the capsule hote in the semarang, cetral java of Indonesia.

it's me guys :p
note : i;m so sorry used bad grammer on this articel.

have a nice day :)